BariMon: A Portal for Remote Monitoring and Sensor Data

You have a production facility and would like to be informed if something goes wrong? Or you would like to know what is going on in your house? Or you have a personell management system that keeps track when people enter a building (using e.g., RFID tags). Or you would like to simply play around and experiment with this kind of technology? Then, please, look at this demo.

Barimon is a Web portal that carries out three simple functions:

  • It collects data posted from devices (or via a Web browser) through the Internet.
  • It makes this data (and statistics and history) available in your Web browser (graphical) or for download (CSV)
  • It informs you by Email in case of alarms, or if a device has not reported for a certain time period. This way, you can react to failures.

On these pages, you can browse through a demo project collecting data from sensors in a house in Switzerland. Furthermore, you can set up your own free project with full functionality, but no service guarantees. If you are a commercial user and require service guarantees, please, contact

Click here to go to the barix demo project.