Project UliatMountainview

This page gives an overview of the devices of your project. This is the main page. From here, you can execute various operations:

  • Click on <View all devices> in order to get the details of all devices and their current values.
  • Click on <View alarms> in order to get a list of devices who are in an alarm state.
  • Click on <View histogram> in order to get histograms that give an overview of the number of devices by their state.
  • Click on <View history> in order to generate a curve with historic device readings (e.g., a temperature curve).
  • Click on <Export> in order to download histroic device data to Excel.

Direct link to view of this project is

Devices OK 2
Devices Raised Alarm 0
Devices Timed-out 0
Devices Disabled 0